Client Testimonials

"Working with Blake has been incredibly helpful. In our work together he has assembled a program that has helped me improve my form and my overall strength. He provides a great mix of support and pushing to do better. Getting to work with him provides that extra motivation to get into the gym and do the work."

— Andy M.

"Angie has helped me not only gain strength, but gain confidence in the gym. She is one of the kindest but fiercest souls I have ever met. If you’re looking to get your butt kicked and have a good time, check her out! I’d recommend her to anyone, regardless of fitness level!"

— Sophia P. 

"Working with Hayle has been SUCH a pleasure. Not only is she super knowledgeable but she was able to meet me where I was at and developed a program where each week I see progress but always feels totally doable. Not to mention we have so much FUN in our sessions. I always feel like I am having a catch up with a friend rather than a boring workout."

"Working with Jack is the highlight of my week! Between the program he wrote for me and our training sessions, my deadlift has so far increased by nearly 100lbs, my bench by 25lbs, and I feel fully confident in the weight room and around the gym. His knowledge, patience, and support are invaluable, and I can’t imagine life without training with him now!"

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Meet VRTX Trainers

The VRTX team of certified trainers create plans tailored to your goals. Working together to unlock the results you want.

Alet Taylor

McKenna Abbott


McKenna is an ACE certified personal trainer and lifelong athlete. As a collegiate athlete she encountered multiple knee injuries which led her on a journey to prevent injuries for herself and others. Strength training helped her heal physically and become a more functional well-rounded athlete. “What you do in the gym should directly impact and enhance what you enjoy doing outside of the gym.” McKenna structures individualized programs focusing on intentional progression and uses a variety of training modalities to help clients achieve their own unique goals. She is most passionate about weightlifting and metabolic resistance training.

Precision Nutrition Certification

Nick T

Jack Dowdell


Jack is an ISSA certified trainer. He grew up in the Bozeman area and came to Missoula to attend the University of Montana. In Bozeman, from the age of 15 he worked and lifted in a powerlifting gym for 6 years. Jacks’ passion is strength training, whether it be for competitive lifters trying to increase their totals or those just seeking to get stronger for daily life. He has helped people from all walks of life, ranging in age from 13 to 70 years old get stronger and more fit. Jack currently works with local high school football players as a strength and conditioning coach. ​ He also coached a local high school powerlifting team to 2nd place their first year competing! ​Coaching is some of the most fulfilling work he has ever done. During his time in Bozeman, he has accumulated thousands of hours of hands-on coaching. Jack is always trying perfect the craft and expand his knowledge of every aspect of fitness. Whatever your goals, I can help guide you in the right direction. “Strength is never weakness”

Emily Straw

Emily Straw


Emily is a NASM certified personal trainer and an ISSA certified nutrition coach. She was born and raised in California and is new to Missoula. Her love for fitness started when she was a competitive gymnast and has evolved in strength training, HIIT training and marathon running.

She found her passion for coaching a couple years ago and loves nothing more than coming along side people to help them achieve their goals.


Hayle Sundquist


Hayle is a NESTA certified personal trainer and group fitness coach. Born and raised in Montana, Hayle loves backpacking, fly fishing and paddle boarding. Being raised in a small sports centered community allowed her to gain a competitive mindset and love for athletics. After high school, Hayle competed in track for the University of Montana. Unfortunately, after two years of repetitive injuries, her sprinting career ended by fracturing both feet. Finishing her athletic career and starting from ground zero allowed Hayle to gain a new perspective on health and fitness and helped her find her passion for coaching. Hayle’s goal is to make sure people gain confidence inside and outside of the gym. I will push people to break through their wall of comfort, while also coaching the importance of listening to their body.

“You will always be the greatest companion in your life, learn to love YOU.”



Angie Woody


Angie is an ACE certified personal trainer with a specialty in Sports Performance, Women’s Fitness and Senior Balance programs.   As a mother of four children she understands life balance and taking care of one’s self in order to care for others.  Angie coached all of her children in multiple sports throughout the years while also maintaining her own health and fitness goals, in and outside of the gym.  She became a trainer to empower others in finding that same balance and the love of exercise that she has had all her life.  Fitness provides something different for every person and Angie specializes in structuring workout programs that meet the needs of each individual, where they are in life today and where they want to be tomorrow.

Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take towards reaching that goal.”


Blake Molesh


Blake is an NASM certified personal trainer and longtime fitness-oriented individual. After playing high school and college soccer, he found his true passion in bodybuilding and hypertrophy training. Having always been fascinated with human movement, performance, and physique development, he is committed to sharing his lifelong experience, knowledge and passion with clientele from all walks of life. Blake is committed to helping his clients discover their full potential both physically and mentally by turning their weaknesses into strengths.

“If everyone aspired to be a better version of themselves the world would be a much better place.”

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