Nutrition Coaching

Meet Your Coach

Emily Straw

My name is Emily Straw, I am a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer and love anything active and outdoors. If I’m not with clients I am running, hiking, snowboarding, cooking healthy meals or spending time with my dog Charlie.

Growing up as an athlete I knew the importance of eating healthy nutrition, but I didn’t completely understand how big of a role it plays on your overall health until studying nutrition in college and deciding for myself that I wanted to be the healthiest and happiest version of myself that I could be. Finding balance with exercising, eating whole foods and focusing on intuitive eating was where I learned how to start making positive changes for my health and myself and when I became the happiest and healthiest I have ever been! I learned how to eat for my health, nourish myself to feel good, and incorporate movement that made my body feel energized. I implemented these things as lifestyle changes, and not as quick fixes!

In 2021 I graduated with my degree in Nutrition from Purdue University and began nutrition coaching. I also have been a spin instructor, Orangetheory Coach and personal trainer. Getting to be a part of other people’s fitness journey’s is one of my favorite things and helping people become the healthiest versions of themselves both physically and mentally is my greatest passion. I encourage my clients to focus on a balanced diet, listening to their bodies and eating minimally processed whole foods that will make them feel their best. Food is meant to be enjoyed not feared and I want my clients to experience freedom from restrictive diets and learn the importance of properly fueling themselves.

Monthly Nutrition Coaching

$385 VRTX Member
$350 Personal Training Clients
$400 Non-Member

Monthly fee includes Complete Access to Nutrition Coaching. Coach is with you every step of the process to support and ensure results are achieved.

What’s Included

  • 1 hr consultation
  • Daily accountability tracking through integrated mobile app
  • 30-minute weekly one on one meetings to assess progress and actions steps for the week
  • Meal ideas for the week, customized grocery list and recipes
  • Access to nutritionist for questions and support as challenges arise
  • Goal setting with nutritionist each week
  • Nutrition education

Weekly Nutrition Coaching

$85 VRTX Member
$75 Personal Training Clients
$95 Non-Member


What’s Included

  • 1 hr consultation
  • 30-minute weekly nutrition coaching sessions
  • Meal ideas for the week, customized grocery list and recipes
  • Goal setting 
  • Nutrition education

Emily’s Philosophy

Nutrition is an ever-changing, always evolving field with new diets coming out that continuously contradict themselves. It can feel overwhelming and confusing. However, there are some nutritional basics that are the key to living a healthy, happier, and longer life without always feeling like you must be stuck on a strict diet forever, to achieve your goals. I take an individualistic approach with my clients; my goal for all my clients is to “Eat Well, Live Better & Feel your Best.” What does it look like?

eat well

Eat Well

  • Nourishing your body with foods that are nutrient dense, minimally processed and mostly plant based to look and feel the best.
  • Enjoying the food you eat, it doesn’t have to be boring or too complicated.
  • Learning to balance your food choices to get a satisfying mix of protein, fat and carbs.

Feel Your Best

  • Eating the right food and the right amount, to give you the energy you need to live the life you want.
  • Finding freedom from always thinking about being consumed by food.
  • Trusting yourself, trusting the process, and believing you can succeed and have the life you’ve always wanted.
Nutrition healthy food

Live Better

  • Food is not meant to be feared but enjoyed, having a healthy relationship with food is the key to achieving your goals.
  • Find freedom from restricting diets that aren’t sustainable, consistency is key!
  • Understand that small dietary and lifestyle changes can make a big impact on your health and on your life. 
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