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Alet Taylor


Dance Cardio Conditioning, Absolute Booty

Alet has been a licensed/certified dance cardio and zumba instructor forever. Having taught in both LA and NYC since 2002, she developed an intense style that is strong and sensual, but meant for all dance abilities.

Alet’s classes will keep you smiling, laughing, and sweating as you move your body to an energetic upbeat playlist. Experience full-body toning as you move and dance your way to complete happiness.

Alet is an actress, writer, and mother.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can” – Arthur Ashe

Alet Taylor



Bethany was born and raised in Montana. She’s passionate about family, friends, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Results:  From her class, you can expect to get a full-body, joint-friendly workout.  Mostly low-impact, barre is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  With barre, you’ll gain strength, muscle tone, better balance and posture, strong core, and greater flexibility.   Flow and stretching segments will leave you feeling relaxed and less stressed.   Choreographed by Bethany to the beat of awesome music makes it fun too!

In her free time, Bethany loves chilling by the river, admiring the views at the top of a mountain, or just playing games and watching movies with the fam and her two pups.

  • Barre Above Certification 

“Be happy with what you have while working toward what you want.”  – Helen Keller

Alet Taylor


HIIT, Glutes & Core

My name is Hayle Sundquist. I have a ton of passion for the outdoors, good food and fitness. Fitness and Athletics have been a huge part of my life . After being Injured from college track, I had to get out of my comfort zone and navigate fitness on my own. I found a different kind of passion for fitness through coaching and helping others reach their goals. My coaching style is empowering and challenging. I want people to have confidence to push themselves while finding a deeper purpose for moving their body.

I want everyone to feel good inside and out!!

In my classes you will find a circuit style, athletic training with some cardio, core and good vibes. I hope to see you soon!!


dynamic flow yoga

Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Ra Yoga and Ra University in Southern California, Jenny Vande Hei – Secor has been teaching Yoga for 16 years and has certified more than 300 hundred teachers in her Yoga Alliance accredited training program.  She has over 20,000 hours of teaching experience and is trained in Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Prenatal, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Meditation, Budokon, Pilates and E.L.D.O.A.  She is recognized as E-RYT 500, RYS 200, RYS 300, RPYT and YACEP.  Jenny is also an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist.  Having moved to Montana 3 years ago, Jenny began Watershed, a retreat and training facility in Rock Creek Montana.  She might wear many hats, but her passion still lies in the class room with Yogi’s of all levels.  She began teaching Yoga while working in East Africa, where her classes were filled with relief workers and the community they served. For her, Teaching Yoga was always about community and these principles are what created Ra and has now brought her to VRTX, another community driven organization where all are welcome.  Please join her for an inspirational and dynamic class where you can find YOUR yoga.

Alet Taylor


Muscle Pump, Silver Sneakers

Angie is our Group Fitness Director.  She has had a love of group fitness from as early as she could walk.  She started with roller skating at age 2 and found exercise was her passion.  When she isn’t training clients in the gym,  you can find her in the group fitness room teaching or taking a class.  Angie is certified in multiple formats including Barre Above, Tabata HIIT, Mossa Power, Les Mills Body Combat and Sprint, Pumped Up Strength, High Fitness, Upbeat Barre, and completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.   Angie loves group fitness classes because working out in a group is empowering, encouraging, and pushes you in ways you didn’t know you could be pushed.   Outside of the gym Angieenjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with your dogs.

Alet Taylor



Jess is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga with others, as it is a valuable tool that she uses to heal past trauma in her own life. Her mission is to create accessible opportunities for all people to experience various wellness modalities.A yogi since 2012, Jess pursued a formal education to teach yoga by attending the Lakshmi Rising School for Yoga and Wellness where she cultivated an awareness-based practice that includes fluid dynamic movement, breathwork, meditation, wellness, self-care and ritual for health and awakening. In addition to the immersive training, Jess enjoys continuing to expand her knowledge by taking courses in functional movement and trauma-informed wellness with local Missoula teachers, Selena Garefino and Kendra Potter. Jess is an advocate for showing up and making the practice your own and using her cues through class as a suggestion. Jess aims to weave her passion for personal healing, play, and community care through all of her work on and off the mat.

“Organizing is to the community what spiritual practice is to the individual.”

-Adrienne Marre Brown

Alet Taylor



My family and I have been in Missoula for 6 years, and I have been an instructor for 8.

  • I have certifications in Bodyflow, Born to Move, and  Yoga.

When you come to my class you can expect a similar Power Yoga routine for at least 3 weeks in a row.  I believe when you start to know what poses are coming, then you are able to focus less on the form and more on getting deeper into that pose and building your confidence as a Yogi.  After consistently coming to class, you will notice yourself becoming physically stronger and leaner, but you will also notice yourself becoming mentally stronger too.

I love to be outside enjoying the warm Montana weather; either golfing, walking and hiking, or doing yoga!

“Life’s too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forgive the ones who don’t, and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it’d be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.” – Dr. Seuss

Alet Taylor



I am a proud yogi and Montanan who originally hails from the mountains of Pennsylvania.  My yoga journey began in a post-college summer spent working in Grand Teton National Park, and both yoga and the outdoors have always offered me deep peace and grounding.

I received my 200-hour teacher training here in Missoula through Kendra Potter’s Sister Moon Wellness, and this training transformed my yoga practice and my life.  In addition to numerous additional special workshops, I have been following my path of yoga for nearly twenty years.  I’ve been teaching here at VRTX since August 2019.

My greatest desire is for class participants to connect to their bodies and breath and begin to develop their own personal yoga practice, nurturing and stoking their inner light in their own unique way.  Cultivating this light within is why we say Namaste at the end of each class—we recognize and honor the light within ourselves and those around us.

When I’m not practicing yoga, I love to be in nature—trail running, hiking, or sitting under trees with my family.

“I am standing on my own altar.  The poses are my prayers.”
– BKS Iyengar

Alet Taylor


Strength + cardio

I have been evolving with health & fitness for 17+ years, being open to doing and trying new things with a growth mindset. With the right mindset, you can energize the whole of your life.

  • AFAA™ Primary Group Exercise Certification, Personal Fitness Trainer Certification, Aerobic/Cardio Kickboxing Instructor
  • Tabata GX™ Trainer, Barre Above™ Instructor, Total Body Strength, Total Body Conditioning/Tone & Burn, HIIT & Tabata Instructor

From my classes, you can expect systematic and total body training focused on improving performance and overall health, with solutions for every fitness level.

I love outdoor adventures with family and friends, as well as plenty of snuggles w/Sloan (my precious Cocker Spaniel)

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear” ~ Nelson Mandela

Alet Taylor



I have been passionate about becoming the best version of myself since I was 19. Health and fitness have always been that place I can turn to that I can control when the rest of my life feels out of control.

I am a NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I have been helping people with their health for 9 years now.

My clients can expect in RESULTS: build strength, while burning fat, if that is your goal. You will be burning energy far after class has ended. Expect better energy, mood, focus, and overall quality of life.

My favorite activities are traveling or binging on zombie movies.

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”
– Bob Proctor

Alet Taylor



Marias was born and raised in Montana and spent most of her life playing in the outdoors! She strongly believes that how we train inside should be built to benefit how we adventure outside! She loves everything from hiking and backpacking around Montana with her dogs to scuba diving in the Bahamas. Marias found her love for fitness at a young age. Growing up as a gymnast really shaped the way she views exercise and its importance for a well-balanced life. Her love for combining strength training with functional training began shortly after tearing her ACL in high school.

Marias started her personal training journey in 2021 and loves sharing her passion to help others reach their fitness goals. In Marias’s classes, you can expect strength training, mobility work, and functional training along with her favorite, high-intensity interval training. Get ready to break a sweat and work hard!

Alet Taylor



Bryce is a certified group fitness instructor with a foundation in competitive sports. He also has a decade of experience and passion in dynamic muscle building and injury prevention exercises.   

Bryce’s class is a seamless workout that will not just build the “Glamor Muscles”, but also work stabilizing muscles, train flexibility, joint strength, and cardiovascular stamina. The ever changing exercises will keep your mind occupied and your body moving. Step into some good vibes and heavy beats every class! 

Bryce is an EMT, cold plunge enthusiast, and adventurer. 

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” Alan Watts


OULA & Power Oula

I love dancing, singing, jumping jacks, chocolate, and ALL dogs.

I love meeting new people from our wonderful, open-minded, fun community.

In my ‘day job’, I spend my time training people how to follow rules and regulations.

When I teach Oula and Power I let it ALL out. One of my goals is to create a space where EVERYONE can feel FREE to break ALL of society’s perceived rules. Yell, scream, sing, flip your sweaty hair and dance your heart out; I love it all!


“Hard times require furious dancing. Each of us is proof. ” Alice Walker




Bernice is excited to share the magic of Oula at VRTX! She is the mother of 4 kids, has a degree in mental health counseling, has been an avid dancer since she was in her teens, and has been a certified Oula instructor for 10 years. Bernice gets bored easily so when she found Oula, she was excited to find a program that not only held her attention but also helped her to stay fit both physically and mentally. An entertainer by nature, a dancer at heart and a lover of human nature – Bernice is honored to share the benefits of Oula at VRTX. If you’re looking for a full body, full being workout – complete with laughter, sweat, empowerment and strength – join Bernice.

Layna, Kick Boxing Barre


Barre, Kick Boxing

Layna is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Health Coach, ACE Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, and is Barre Certified. She has been utilizing many forms of movement, including Kickboxing/Kenpo, Yoga, Pilates, Ballet/Dance, and Walking/Hiking, to stay mobile and pain free in order to enjoy all life has to offer.

Excited to share her love of exercise, Layna wants to support and empower whomever attends her classes. You can expect individual mindfulness as she knows everyone’s needs  are different on any given day. More importantly, her goal is for you to find movement enjoyable and helpful.

“Change happens through movement and movement heels.”
-Joseph Pilates
Alet Taylor



Originally from Granville, Ohio, Paisley Thornton graduated from Butler University in Indianapolis with a degree in Vocal Performance. After graduating, Paisley sang with the Indianapolis Opera before getting picked up by Missoula Children’s Theatre in 2012 to tour domestically and internationally teaching kids theatre. In 2015, Paisley moved to Missoula to become the Director of Performing Arts Camps for MCT. Paisley can still be found onstage from time to time.

Paisley has been an Oula instructor since 2016 and absolutely LOVES to share the dance floor with anyone willing! Paisley’s classes are known to get a little rowdy and ridiculous. If you have never tried Oula before, it’s a dance cardio workout with a lot of heart. In Oula it doesn’t matter how it looks, just how it feels! You’re encouraged to yell, laugh, scream, and cry in class if that’s what feels good. If you need to let loose and dance it out, Paisley’s class is for you!

“Don’t dream it, be it”
-Frank N Furter

Deb, Yoga



Growing up in the midwest far from the mountains, Deb had a passion to explore. After receiving her Bachelor’s in exercise science, she decided to move out west to experience what more the world had to offer. After working seasonal gigs in various areas such as Alaska, Wyoming, and Montana, she ultimately found herself in Antarctica. Working as a polar guide on land, she received the opportunity to also teach yoga classes on board expedition vessels. Deb instantly fell in love with sharing her passion for yoga and wellness with others through instructing. After completing her season in Antarctica and receiving her 200hr YTT, she packed her car up and headed straight for Montana, fulfilling her dream to always return back to the beautiful state, and further grow in her yogic journey. 

Whether it’s your first yoga class or your thousandth, Deb ensures that her classes are fit for every individual. Classes are focused on connecting your mind to your body by flowing through asanas and using breath work. She will offer cues throughout the practice and invite you to channel in your most authentic self.  Deb welcomes you to join her classes and share the space together. 

Laura, Yoga



Laura is a meditation loving, myth busting, relationship coach for high achieving women. But I haven’t always been a relationship coach ,  weirdly enough, in  1990 I was the first woman to bring personal training to  Montana and 22 years later designed and implemented the first meditation/yoga coaching program for Montana’s Youth Detention Centers. I have a bunch of certifications from some of the nation’s greatest visionaries, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Mary Morrissey, Dr. David Simon, Dr. Kenneth Cooper and David ji to name a few. 

I created the Best Of Missoula award personal training category in conjunction with the Missoulian in 1994 because I wanted personal trainers to be recognized for their dedication and hard work by our community.

I would like to say that Clarity is my superpower. Balancing two thriving coaching businesses,  family, and an athletic social life  (living the dream baby), clarity not only makes it manageable, but enjoyable too! I am so excited to be here and feel very blessed to teach all styles of yoga!

Alet Taylor


Silver Sneakers, high fitness

As a NASM-certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and nutrition specialist, I’ve always enjoyed supporting people on their journey to better health. But a recent cancer scare taught me that exercise and nutrition are an important part of the equation.  Now in addition to teaching fitness classes and nutrition coaching, I have learned whether you’re eight or 80, you can make positive changes to your health. If you’re brand new to exercising or  want to improve your muscular endurance and flexibility, try Silver Sneakers. It’s a fun full-body workout set to upbeat music. And you’ll have the greatest cheering section doing it right along with you!I live with my husband Keith and puppy Oliver, who joins us on outdoor adventures all over beautiful Missoula.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. -Wayne Gretzky” -Michael Scott

Alet Taylor



A CPA by day, Jan loves to let her true personality shine while she is dancing.She discovered Oula in 2016 when she felt something was missing in her exercise routines, and has never looked back. She loved the format so much she became certified in Oula in 2019 and in Oula Power, a strength and conditioning format, in 2020. Both of these formats are set to high energy songs that will have your heart pumping, put a smile on your face, and have you leaving class feeling better and stronger than when you arrived. That, andJan’s infectious energy, will add to the overall experience of feelings, fitness, and fun while taking her classes. Both Oula and Oula Power are designed to create a safe space for all, so please join her to experience it for yourself!In her free time, Janloves to read, hike, dance with her fellow Oula friends, (of course!) and spend time with her husband and teenage daughter, who is soon to be college-bound. “Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.”-Misty Copeland

Marin, Yoga



Marin grew up in Boulder, CO and moved to Missoula in 2020. She has been a student of yoga for over 10 years and received her 200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training in Mexico in 2022. Yoga and meditation has helped her to accept and relax into the ever changing nature of the present moment. She strives to help others turn their focus inward and deepen their connection to their mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. She feels that the tools of yoga can help us to meet challenges with curiosity, an open mind and kindness. Yoga is a beautiful practice that accepts everyone in any way they show up. Her classes focus on alignment, dynamic movement, pranayama, heat building and meditation. 

When she is not working as a structural engineer or teaching yoga, she loves to be moving and outside skiing, climbing, backpacking, dancing or reading!

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Alet Taylor



An introvert at heart, Amanda found Oula to be a way to express herself and gain trust and comfort in her own body. She is a firm believer that our bodies store feelings and that it is crucial for our health to allow those feelings to move through us.

She has dabbled in various forms of dance for most of her life, but the magic of music, movement, expression, and community of Oula captured her heart. A fitness and outdoor enthusiast, you are likely to find her choreographing songs in her head while she’s out on trails around Missoula, MT.

Alet Taylor



Jessica is a New York native who holds a 200 hour YTT, specializing in vinyasa. Jessica received her training from Always At Aum yoga school. You can expect to have a mixture of strength, stability, flexibility, effort, ease, pranayama (breath work), and meditation for a well-rounded and balanced practice. She encourages her students to be exploratory with their movements and to trust what their body is asking for, to develop a deeper connection with themselves.

Jessica believes yoga should enhance all other aspects of life. In addition to yoga, she loves training in other movement modalities and finds her yoga practice compliments her training. She believes yoga is a powerful tool both mentally and physically and has a passion to share its gifts with others. She practices and teaches because it is in her nature to do so. Whether it’s your first time stepping onto the mat or you’re a seasoned yogi, all are always welcome and safe in the space Jessica creates for her students to practice. “Liberate your mind and revive your soul.”

Cassie, Sound Strength



Cassie has been a movement enthusiast her entire life and is excited to share her passion at VRTX Fitness. Cassie has been dancing since she could walk and has been certified and teaching Oula for the past 10 years. She is an Oula Enrichment Trainer and gets to provide advanced training opportunities to fellow instructors and Oula enthusiasts. She has also been teaching and growing Sound Strength for about 3 years. Sound Strength was created locally by fitness professional Lizzie Dolan and is an efficient, low-impact, full-body workout that is also fun! Sound Strength is choreographed to music, uses bands and loops for resistance, and is rooted in fitness science.  Cassie is also certified in Les Mills Body Pump and is a certified Health Coach.  Cassie’s “real job” involves supporting and training staff in a mental health center, among other things.  In her free time, you can find her outside adventuring with her partner and dog.

Alet Taylor



I’m originally from Philadelphia but have been making Missoula home for the past few years. Power yoga is typically my main jam, but these days I like any yoga that helps me get into my body and leaves me feeling strong and stretched.

When teaching, I like my yoga classes to be fun, flowy, and leave you feeling worked (but not too worked)! I encourage students in my class to make their yoga class whatever they need that day. I’m here to offer suggestions and encourage you to expand on your practice and go deeper into poses or take inversions that you haven’t tried. All in good fun and while being safe with our bodies. My class is so open to everyone, and I would love to see you there!

“Ships are safe at harbor, but that’s not what they are for.” –John A. Shedd

Jobyna, Oula



Jobyna is a proud Butte girl, who loves to dance and play softball. As a mom to a teen, and a master’s student in public health, she’s intentional and tenacious about carving out time to dance and play!  Fun fact: Jobyna was a member of the University of Montana’s national championship hurling team in 2015; that’s right folks, she’s a national champion, Go Griz!  (And in case you were wondering, because we all do, it’s pronounced, jo-BEE-nah)

“I have a lot of growing up to do. I realized that the other day inside my fort.”
—Zach Galifianakis
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